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The History of Nottingham Estate

Bennie Knott came to Nottingham Estate in 1953. He started with cash cropping and cattle but due to the constant drought, phased out cattle.

In the early 50’s the Chronicle Newspaper wrote an article about the Beit Bridge are stating that the area was a desert area and fit for Baboons and Baboons only.

All the irrigation was done with diesel pumps as we had no ZESA which was only installed in the early 70’s.

Cotton was slowly phased out as we started with biological control on the citrus.

Benni passed away in 1975 and his sones Keith and Harley carried on farming citrus, now Bennie’s grandsons, Andrew and Byron, have taken over.

Water is always an issue, 1995 Mohillichaukwe dam was built for irrigation.

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