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Fly Camp

Fly Camp – was built in 1984 as an entertainment area, where you can view the Elephants and other animals feeding.

After our oranges go to the Juicing factory,  the pulp is returned to the  Fly Camp where we feed it to the animals.   There is nowhere else in the world where you can view such a majestic animal in large numbers feeding in their own habitat.

The Elephants get so excited……. they roll around in the pulp.  The sounds of trumpeting echoes against the rocks… it’s absolutely amazing.

Nights up at Fly camp are so peaceful.   Most nights you can hear the call of the Hyena and sometimes they get so close and loud it will make you shudder in your boots.

The sunsets are stunning,  with a range of pinks and orange that cover the landscape in an array of colors.   When it gets darker the stars are so large it’s as if you could actually pick them from the sky.

When clients book into Fishing Camp or Kuduland they will be asked if they would like to have a specialist barbeque at the Fly Camp to view this awesome sight. Advance bookings are essential.

Elephant feeding is seasonal, from June to October

The sounds of trumpeting echoes against the rocks…
it’s absolutely amazing

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